Trackwayz is an integrated IoT platform that includes vehicle-plug-in hardware device and cloud based software that resides in Amazon AWS.

The platform works with multiple hardware devices from leading US device manufactures.

Trackwayz can be used for real time asset tracking (Vehicle Fleet) across continental United States, Canada and Mexico via an easy to use dashboard.

The data collected from the plugged-in devices is collated and analyzed by Trackwayz’s analytics’ engine. The analytics engine provides real-time, near-time actionable alerts.

In addition to tracking the moving assets, Trackwayz provides valuable reports like miles driven, asset utilization, fuel information, engine temperature and driving behavior. This business intelligence helps the Fleet/Owner operator to bring operational efficiency.

The advanced hardware provides insights into driver behavior by recording and reporting on sharp turns, sudden acceleration, harsh braking, jack-rabbit starts etc. These reports can be used to build a driver profile for ranking and on going training to enhance safety.

The platform calculates IFTA automatically based on miles driven feature. Now inter state operators do not have to calculate IFTA manually.

The platform can also run on Microsoft Cloud as well as can be housed in-premise or in data center based on the requirements of Fleet Operator.