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Make smarter and better-informed decisions with TrackWayz vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions. Our system delivers real-time location, speed, mileage and fuel consumption data for each vehicle in your fleet. This means our vehicle tracking system can help you to improve the efficiency of your business for more profitability.

Vehicle tracking can let you know which vehicle is closest to a new assignment. That can help pick up new loads efficiently, saving fuel costs and getting more business.

Key Features : 

It’s easier to identify opportunities to save money when you have the right information. TrackWay gives detailed, real-time data on the movement of your fleet. Our vehicle tracking system lets you compare routes, speed, mileage and fuel consumption across your whole fleet. From help with proof of delivery to monitoring working-time regulatory compliance, TrackWay vehicle tracking and fleet tracking enables you to better understand your business.

TrackWayz vehicle tracking records every journey of every vehicle in your fleet. View the “Snail trail” to see where a vehicle has been at any time over the history data, and study driving behavior. With this feature of vehicle tracking and fleet tracking, you can immediately look at vehicle movements to spot anything unusual and identify patterns in your business.

Get precise and reliable reports from your vehicle tracking data with TrackWayz Dashboard. Flexible data formats enable you to save administrative time and money by creating PDF, CSV and XLS files.Reports for your fleet can be automatically generated from information such as driving times, trip reports, private mileage and more.

Route deviation is a consistent problem faced by the logistics companies worldwide. Our Route deviation alert and reporting system can help manage the route deviations. Drivers can unknowingly go to a wrong direction or they can do it with a wrong intention. With a geo-fence enabled GPS solution these incidents can be avoided since it comes with an instant alert feature.

With GeoFencing you can create areas and assign particular vehicles to a specified GeoArea. Using Alerts or Reports, you know precisely when your vehicles enter and exit the GeoArea and view where there is vehicle overlap.

One of the most fundamental requirement from Vehicle Tracking System is to provide accurate and timely EXCEPTION REPORTING. TrackAll covers a range of Alerts & notifications. These alerts and notifications are communicated via email or in the form of a text message (SMS) when such events occur. Tracking Assets state of art notification system sends alerts when it detects any of the following :

  • Over speeding alert – Improvise on the driver safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Idling Alert – Cut fuel costs and reduces employee downtime.
  • Geo-fence Alert – Monitor when your vehicles enter/exit a location.
  • Motion Alert – Identify unauthorized vehicle use with instant alerts.
  • First Movement of Day Notification – Keep track of your employees’ daily “clock in” to improve productivity.
  • Analog Sensor Alert – Alerts for analog sensor measurements of temperature, tank pressure, fuel levels, etc.
  • Long Stop Alert – Keep your drivers on the move and on task.
  • Engine on/off Alert: Keep you track of vehicle start and off timing.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Know the schedule maintenance for the vehicle.

The high cost of fuel/gas always has major impact on operating expense of any business. Fleet owners are always looking for technologies which can help them find ways to cut costs. TrackWay offers various options for users to monitor fuel consumption in order to take measures to cut fuel costs. Our fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server and help us do real time monitoring of fuel volume and a fuel monitoring system for fleet management will not only exclude fuel theft, but ensure company vehicles are used appropriately. It also gives added benefit like :

  • Fuel consumption rates
  • Vehicle operating time monitoring
  • Improving fleet profitability
  • Fuel consumption report by kilometers/driving distance
  • Fuel consumption report by hours / driving time
  • Report of vehicle refueling

Timely maintenance of your vehicles is an easy way to keep your fleet’s operating costs under control. With our GPS tracking software, you’ll be able to record and schedule the maintenance of your fleet vehicles. Our software sends automated reminder notifications so you’ll never miss another oil change, tire change, or inspection.

Control shifts for vehicles and for drivers Limit access to vehicle (for example on weekends). Get notified about shift violations via SMS / email Limit “out of shift” drives.


Locate vehicle anytime, anywhere

 Locate vehicle anytime, anywhere

Minimize fuel

Minimize fuel & maintenance cost

Increase Productivity:profitability

Increase Productivity/profitability


Improve Operational efficiency

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce : Control Labor Costs

Reduce / Control Labor Costs

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